Albert Müller

Swiss 🇨🇭 1897 - 1926

Albert Müller was a Swiss Expressionist artist known for his work in painting, glass art, draftsmanship, graphic art, and sculpture. Born on 29 November 1897 in Basel, Müller received his initial artistic training in his hometown, focusing on glass-painting and at the Allgemeine Gewerbeschule. Inspired by Cuno Amiet, Müller began to use vibrant colors in his work, diverging from the dark tones typical of the area’s established painters. His work gained wider attention in 1919, and he continued to develop his style, drawing inspiration from Louis Moilliet and Edvard Munch until his friendship with Ernst Ludwig Kirchner in 1923, which significantly influenced his pictorial language. Müller’s contributions to the avant-garde movement in Basel, including founding the “Rot-Blau” artists’ association, played a crucial role in the city’s modern art scene.

Müller's work, characterized by luminous colors and sharply juxtaposed areas of color, was also marked by his wood sculptures and graphic work, including woodcuts and etchings. Despite his early death from Typhus in 1926, Müller's legacy is preserved in various museum collections, including the Fine Art Museum of Basel.