Alexandra Exter

Polish 🇵🇱 1882 - 1949

Alexandra Exter, born Alexandra Alexandrovna Grigorovich in 1882 in Bialystok (now in Poland), was a pivotal figure in the avant-garde art scene of early 20th century Russia and Europe. Initially trained in Kyiv, she married Nikolai Exter and became part of Russia’s pre-Revolutionary artistic avant-garde. Exter’s work spanned painting, stage design, and costumes, with her innovative abstract paintings marking her transition into non-objective art. Her career flourished in Kyiv, where she opened a studio and taught prominent artists, before moving to Paris in 1924. Despite facing challenges including the loss of her studio and paintings during the civil war, Exter continued to create and teach, leaving a lasting impact on modern art.

Exter was a pioneer in abstract painting and stage design, known for her innovative use of light and constructivist materials in her work. She was a mentor to many artists and her abstract paintings from the 1910s are celebrated for their energy and originality.