Alfred Edmund Brehm

German 🇩🇪 1829 - 1884

Alfred Edmund Brehm was a renowned German zoologist, writer, and director of zoological gardens. Born on February 2, 1829, in Unterrenthendorf (now Renthendorf), Saxe-Altenburg, he was the son of Christian Ludwig Brehm, a notable pastor and ornithologist. Brehm became a household name for popular zoological literature through his co-authorship of “Brehms Tierleben” with Eduard Pechuël-Loesche, Wilhelm Haacke, and Richard Schmidtlein. His work was widely celebrated for its engaging narratives and contributions to scientific knowledge.

Brehm's ethological work, despite some modern inaccuracies, remains influential, and his name is still associated with popular zoological literature. He was also an active participant in scientific expeditions and held leadership positions in zoological gardens, showcasing his multifaceted contributions to both scientific and popular literature.