Anna Boberg

Swedish 🇸🇪 1864 - 1935

Anna Boberg was born into a creative Swedish family, with her father being architect Fredrik Wilhelm Scholander. She showed talent in art from an early age. As she grew up, Boberg explored different mediums including ceramics and textiles. Her love for Arctic landscapes led her to paint the stunning views of Lofoten Islands. She married Ferdinand Boberg, a renowned architect. Together they traveled north where Anna found her true calling in painting rugged terrains and seascapes. Despite no formal training initially, she honed her skills at Académie Julian in Paris. Her unique color palette and impressionist style earned her pieces a place in Stockholm’s National Museum.

Her work were not well received in her native Sweden, but did much better in Paris. Despite being a woman in a man's world, she carved out her own path.

Color is the pulse of the painting.