Antonio Fabrés

Spanish 🇪🇸 1854 - 1938

Antonio Maria Fabrés y Costa, known as Antoni Fabrés, was a prominent Catalan sculptor and painter born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1854. His art journey began at the Escola de la Llotja at age 13. After receiving a grant to study in Rome at 21, he shifted from sculpture to painting, joining forces with Marià Fortuny and becoming known for his intense realism. Fabrés enjoyed international acclaim, living in cities like Rome, Paris, and Mexico City, where he influenced the Post-Revolutionary Movement in Mexican art. His career spanned various genres, including orientalism and naturalism, until his death in Rome in 1938.

Fabrés had a significant impact on Mexican art, heading the Academia de San Carlos in Mexico City to introduce European realism. Diego Rivera was a student of Fabrés while at the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts.