Charles Marion Russell

American 🇺🇸 1864 - 1926

Charles Marion Russell (1864-1926), often referred to as “C. M. Russell,” was an American artist of the Old West. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Russell moved to Montana at the age of 16, where he lived the life of a cowboy and fur trapper before turning to art full-time. He is widely recognized for his paintings and bronze sculptures depicting American Western life, Native Americans, and landscapes. Russell’s work is celebrated for its historical accuracy, vivid detail, and romantic portrayal of the West. He became one of the greatest artists of the American West, capturing the spirit and culture of its people and landscapes.

Russell was also a storyteller and author, producing illustrated letters and postcards that humorously captured the challenges and adventures of Western life. His unique correspondence, filled with colorful and detailed illustrations, made him a beloved figure among friends and patrons alike.