Do Ho Suh

South Korean 🇰🇷

Do Ho Suh is an installation artist and sculptor currently based in London. His work focuses on the concepts of home, place, memory, and collectivity. He earned his MFA in sculpture from Yale and has exhibited at such institutions as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.

Do Ho Suh planned to be a marine biologist up until the 11th grade.

I am interested in the space that moves along with me, or that I move with me; the space I try to move with me because I want to, because it is important to me; or the space I have to move with me because I am forced to; or the space that just tags along with me without my being conscious of it–the space that I create for myself and the space that is imposed on me; the space in/through which I feel good, protected, comfortable, liberated, and the space that is imposed on me and therefore oppresses, confines, and alienates me. I explore the personal space as the combination of tension between these two force fields, and how the boundaries of the personal space are drawn.