Jacob Jordaens

Belgian 🇧🇪 1593 - 1678

Jacob Jordaens was a prominent Flemish painter, draughtsman, and tapestry designer known for his vibrant scenes of peasant life and sensuous allegories. Born and raised in Antwerp, Jordaens never traveled to Italy to study art, making his work distinctly Flemish. Influenced heavily by Rubens, his art is characterized by robust, red-faced figures in dynamic compositions. Despite his Protestant conversion in 1648, he received commissions for both Protestant and Roman Catholic patrons, including significant contributions to the decoration of the Huis ten Bosch.

Jordaens declared himself a Calvinist in 1648 but continued to receive commissions from Roman Catholic churches, showcasing his wide appeal across religious divides. His work for the Huis ten Bosch is considered a masterpiece of architectural decoration.