Juriaen van Streek

Dutch 🇳🇱 1632 - 1687

Juriaen van Streeck (1632-1687) was a Dutch Golden Age painter renowned for his still lifes. Born in Amsterdam, he was a follower of Willem Kalf and influenced Barend van der Meer. Van Streeck’s work showcased a variety of still life subjects, including helmets, books, letters, musical instruments, and skulls, highlighting the transience of life. He married Grietje Claes in 1653, with whom he had nine children, though three died young. Van Streeck was also an innkeeper in Amsterdam at the time of his death.

Van Streeck's mastery in still life painting included a diverse range of subjects, reflecting the Baroque era's fascination with the symbolism of life's transience, seen in his use of skulls and dead animals in his compositions.