Maximilien Luce

French 🇫🇷 1858 – 1941

Maximilien Luce was a prolific French Neo-impressionist artist, celebrated for his paintings, illustrations, engravings, and graphic art. Born in Paris, Luce was initially an engraver before focusing on painting, adopting Impressionism and then Pointillism, and eventually returning to Impressionism. He was also known for his anarchist activism, contributing illustrations to socialist periodicals. Luce’s work covers a diverse range of subjects, including landscapes, portraits, still lifes, and scenes depicting laborers.

Luce was not only a passionate artist but also deeply involved in political activism. He was arrested in 1894, suspected of involvement in the assassination of the President of France, but was acquitted after 42 days in prison. His political beliefs often influenced his choice of subject matter, demonstrating empathy with the proletariat.