Wacław Pawliszak

Polish 🇵🇱 1866 - 1905

Wacław Pawliszak (1866-1905) was a Polish painter known for his contributions to the art world during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Born in Warsaw, he worked across various European cities, including Munich and Paris, showcasing his talent in painting and watercolor. His artistic journey reflects the broader movements of the time, capturing the essence of his subjects with a keen eye for detail and emotion. Pawliszak’s work remains significant in Polish art history, offering insights into the cultural and artistic dialogues of his era.

Besides his artistic endeavors, Wacław Pawliszak's burial site at Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw marks a place of remembrance for his contributions to art, with his grave being a point of interest for art historians and enthusiasts exploring the legacy of Polish artists.