Will Hicock Low

American 🇺🇸 1853 – 1932

Will Hicok Low was an American artist, muralist, and writer on art, born in Albany, New York. He began his art training with sculptor Erastus Dow Palmer and moved to New York City for illustration work. Low traveled to Paris to study with Jean-Léon Gérôme and Carolus-Duran, and was influenced by the Barbizon artists, notably François Millet. Returning to the U.S., Low became notable for his murals, illustrations, and decorative paintings, including work for the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Despite changes in artistic styles, he continued to write art criticism and remained influential in his field.

Will Hicok Low's work on the deluxe edition of John Keats' 'Lamia' in 1885 was regarded as a landmark in book illustration, earning him a medal from the World's Fair in Paris in 1889. His friendship with Robert Louis Stevenson in France further highlights the interconnected world of art and literature during his time."