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  • Only submit work that is your own and you have permission to share with the world.
  • Please note there is no guarantee your art will be selected for the newsletter.
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  • Keep the bio sort and sweet.
  • It takes time before your art shows up in the daily email as there is a large queue. Keep an eye for your art.

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What will you do with my artwork? Are you going to sell it?

I would never sell your artwork! I might share your art on our social media. The social media sharing is random and automatic. I will share your artwork in the daily email.
It will be shown on this website with full credit given. That's it.

I told you you could share my art. Why do I have to upload it here?

You have to upload the art because of legal reasons. I don't want to get sued.

Can't I just share from Instagram?

That's actually a good idea but Facebook / Instagram lowers the quality of images and the resolution is really low. If you upload higher resolution images it looks much better.

Can I submit art more than once?

Yes, please do! Just put "N/A" in the bio section, unless you want a new bio.